Learn more about the brand, the vision and how you can be part of the journey in driving positive change..


Many influences contributed to the concept of ANIMA ANIMUS. Having studied Art & Design before taking a Fashion Buying & Merchandising path at UAL’s London College of Fashion, I've always had a deep appreciation for the creative industry and its vast disciplines. Throughout my studies, the supply-chain became a key area of interest, as the more I learnt about the true cost of fashion, the more concerned I felt as a global citizen; confused about how we can continue to let sweatshop tragedies and wasteful use of natural resources happen?!


With this being a core motivation for wanting to drive industry change, AA was formed as an embodiment of the concepts and directions I hope the future of fashion will take..


Like many other Gen Z/Early Millennials, I gravitated towards the streetwear scene for my fashion inspiration, but found everything labelled "sustainable fashion" being too basic looking... so as a young person building a brand for young people, I wanted to reinvent that label into something cool and desirable, closing the gap for sustainable streetwear, and to prove that sustainable fashion isn't only for the "eco-warriors," but for everyone. As a collective, we can all play our part as individuals and businesses to ensure fashion remains a fun, creative and fairer industry for all.

From Latin origins, the brand name definition is as follows. Being truly inspired by the concepts of balance and inclusivity that it holds, I thought this was perfect in representing AA's concepts.

ANIMA; the unconscious inner feminine of a man. Equivalently, the unconscious masculine inner personality of a woman: ANIMUS.

As a company that is designed to express a balanced commitment towards the social, environmental and financial elements of a business, the three main factors below describe the brand visions and pledges that will help us stay in check.

Super appreciate you for coming through to learn more about AA. You're now part of this journey and I'm excited to share it with you.

Mad mad love,


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AA aims to maintain the care and welfare of our communities, from our members to our production partners, we believe clothes won’t change the world, but the people in it can.





AA aims to conserve and protect our planet’s resources and the welfare of all living things. In dressing the next generation of game changers, our take on fashion will always be mindful to our environmental impact.

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Society's most challenging problems can not be solved by charities and non-profits  alone. Harnessing the power of business, ANIMA ANIMUS will use profits and growth to fuel its journey in promoting a more ethical and sustainable fashion system for all.