Ep4. What is a sustainable photographer?! With Ethic Co!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

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Introducing: Emily Lavarello, founder and photographer behind Ethic Co Photography. Emily empowers and supports emerging and sustainability-driven brands, with narrating their visions and stories through enticing photography.

Discussions we touched upon were:

- what is a sustainable/conscious photographer?!

- why she chose photography as her focused art medium

- how she embeds sustainability values through her work

- and reveals some exciting new projects she has lined up!

Ethic Co Photography
Photography work by Emily Lavarello

About the guest:

After having worked in Buying for a fast-fashion company, Emily became distraught by the unethical and unsustainable practises of the fashion supply chain. She felt that by continuing to work in such corporations, she was contributing and supporting this practise and with this - she took the leap of faith to quit and set up Ethic Co; advocating fashion sustainability! Having also been passionate about photography alongside fashion, her moment of epiphany for merging these two interests came about through an entrepreneurial course; pushing the development of this unique venture. Emily works with like-minded creatives who share the same sustainability values, helping them create editorials, imagery and other branded content at a discounted rate. Every two months, Ethic Co donates a percentage of their proceeds to an environmental or positive-social impact charity.

Contact links:

Website: click here // Instagram: click here

Thoughts/ideas/ references mentioned in this episode:

- Article:Inequality between male and female photographers

- Book: The 4-hour Work Week, written by Tim Ferriss.

- One Tree Planted: Charity with a mission to help global reforestation efforts.

- Article: Coral Reef Degradation

- “You have to make the change, you can’t wait for the change to happen.” – Emily.

- “I cater to ethical and sustainable brands and they always get a special discount that doesn’t show on my website… because I think it matters to support this emerging industry…when our values are aligned.” – Emily.

- “My future plans would be…to become this nomad photographer…the structure I want to do is photograph the people who created these brands…the clothing of the brands; the fashion aspect of it…and then the workers behind the company…so a real ‘documenting-type’ of photography because I feel like more and more brands are giving the spotlight to their workers and that’s really exciting.” – Emily.

- “[Garment workers] are the back bone of the company.” – Emily.

- Inspiring photographers to look at: Sorelleamore, Anita Sadowska, Jessica Kobeissi.

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