Ep1. Upcycling & finding potential in old materials, with The D'eco Life.

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Introducing our first guest: Joana Correia, founder and jewellery designer behind The D'eco Life, which is a Portuguese jewellery brand with a mission to open up our minds to the creative world of upcycling. Join us, as we break down the reasons as to why we have become so unaware and un-able to see the potential of second-hand and unwanted materials. Discussions will include:

- how our educational experiences may have impacted the way we view things

- the stigmas associated with second-hand items and unwanted materials

- and the secret(!) to getting into the upcycling world without a design background.

About the guest:

With an extensive educational background across the fields of Graphic Design, Exhibition Design and Product Design, before embarking on her current journey through Jewellery Design, Joana also has a three-year PhD in Arts Education, which has helped her seamlessly accumulate and consolidate the development of The D'eco Life as a lifestyle brand. The D'eco Life has become Joana’s eco-project, and a way to express her visions for the future of our planet.

“Most of our teachers are in an elder generation above us, and yes they have experiences but you have yours too, and that doesn’t mean your experiences are illegitimate! So, I think if we have this horizontal approach… and you both have an open mind and open heart to learn from each other, real growth can go from there.” – Joana.



Thoughts/ideas/ references mentioned in this episode:

- “I see two sides to sustainability… I see a practical side and a spiritual side…for me in spiritual terms, it means that when I create something and take something from the nature, to me it means giving back something to the nature. So for example, if I cut wood, I will give back something… if it’s not a tree, it would be [in another form] like cleaning the water or taking care of it…. And on the practical side, I think it is going closer towards circular production, when the product is thought through right from the beginning, and through every cycle of its life.” – Joana.

- Upcycling: “The idea is to see potential in everything and everywhere.” – Joana.

- Education: “We are not really taught to experience and discover, and upcycling needs a lot of creativity and initiative to stimulate that.” – Joana.

- “Don’t rely on fitting in a box. Things will change eventually and school is not an end.” – Joana.

- The Green School: https://www.greenschool.org

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PS. And yep, Joana taught me a new word during the episode… POUF!