Ep3. Making sustainability cool through streetwear, with acia Studios.

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

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In the third episode we’ll be catching up with Suril, founder and creative mind behind acia Studios, a UK-based streetwear brand with a vision for “conforming against the masses.” We’ll be exploring:

- views around the mergence between the luxury and streetwear market

- the importance of community and collaboration

- what it’s really like as an independent designer during lockdown

- and why young people may not be aware about the true cost of fashion.

About the guest:

With a first-class honours in Marketing, Design and Communication at Nottingham Trent University, Suril’s extensive fashion experiences also includes working with PAUSE Magazine for Fashion Editorials and Styling clients with the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, Krept & Konan and Craig David, to name a few. Now with the formation of acia Studios, Suril hopes to combine his interests within the underground scene, the arts, music, rave and youth culture, to form an inclusive brand which encourages individuality and creativity.

Contact links:

Website: click here // Instagram: click here

Thoughts/ideas/ references mentioned in this episode:

Community & collaboration:

- Building and maintaining a community: “Offering something without expecting something to come back, that way you’ll organically build a team and community around you.”- Suril.

- Within the streetwear culture, connections can be made through what others are wearing, even if you don’t know the person, there’s a sense of relatable identity.

Streetwear culture:

- From exclusive to mainstream: “Initially I thought it was a bit weird… [the luxury sector] taking things from the street and then putting a mad price tag on it, and not actually evolving the culture.”- Suril.

- Better ways to embrace the culture you’re inspired by: “Just crediting the right people… because there’s a lot of ideas that are lifted from up and coming or less unknown artists, and they don’t even get credited… if you’re gonna profit from it then at least bring people through…” - Suril.

Sustainability through streetwear:

- Product innovation: “Something I’m working on is a photosynthesis coating… so it can draw out carbon from the environment which I thought was crazy… I just thought... wow, how can my jacket take our carbon form the air and save the world?!” - Suril.

- Operating as a small business: “the intention to be sustainable is there, but we’re just being boxed out in terms of quantity or price.”- Suril.

- How to encourage new people to discover fashion sustainability: “Maybe through product…that could spark an interest and then encourage them into looking into it more…”

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