Introducing ANIMA ANIMUS.

We hope from this short read you're able to learn more about our values, hopes and visions to inspire and empower others, for a better fashion industry for all.

The industry’s undeniably an exciting and dynamic marketplace for creativity and expression, but how many realise or remember that its core structure still thrives from exclusivity and beauty ideals to sell products? We’re all forced into a daily battle field to fight or give in, letting the market take advantage of our insecurities and differences. Thank God for Fenty using diverse models on their runway, or boss babe like Adwoa Aboah using her influence to break stigmas around female matters.

There are so many social (and environmental issues but we’ll hold that up for another day) signifying that we’ve still got a lot of thinking and developing to do. We all wanna wear lit garms but we seem to be doing more harm than good right now, to both our industry, and our planet. So Anima Animus is on a mission, a mission to be a platform to drive conversations and to strive for better ways of working and thinking; holding the vision for a more conscious, yet exciting, industry for all. In an era of cultural awakening, we truly believe it is time to rebel with a cause.

Our first project is an exploration of beauty, individuality and the self.

To look forwards, we looked backwards. The idea of beauty dated right back to the Ancient Greek world. Talented as hell, they not only gave us sciences, politics and architecture, a great deal of art history pays much respect to them for inspiration. Ancient Greek sculptures we know today were considered revolutionary for their time, a celebration of the human form; though natural, still very idealised. Concepts of modern beauty today owe much to the Ancient world.

- What does it mean to be beautiful?

- What makes someone masculine or feminine?

- Should these ideals even matter anymore in today’s societal ways of thinking?

From stone to paint, these humanist ideas continued to influence the emergence of Renaissance art, a period in European history that was also fascinated by the complexity of the human form, as well as an intriguing interest towards themes of individualism, naturalism and emotional expression.

Fashion is a form of art, so let’s reignite and celebrate these themes by translating it into the

world of fashion. That’s real 2020 energy.

With sustainability being also at the heart of our values, great efforts are put into our products and packaging processes to ensure we do as much as possible to protect our planet and the people who help create our pieces. Our production partners are certified and operate under verified workplace practises and health & safety standards.