Ep9. Can we still share and rent clothing in a post-pandemic world? With PALANTA.

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So, who’s heard about the fashion rental business model before? Or, is this the first time you’ve actually come across this concept? Think… Airbnb for accommodation, Spotify for music, or Uber for transport. Now… how about PALANTA for fashion?

This is exactly what Sara Toth is trying to offer, by adapting this rental business model to tackle fashion’s clothing waste problem. Located in The Netherlands, PALANTA is a rental fashion marketplace which aims to extend the lifecycle of every garment it stocks, passing on the pieces for someone new to love and enjoy.

In recent years, we’ve seen some other great rental businesses cover womenswear and occasion-wear, but alongside this, PALANTA dives in deeper; to tackle the short-life span problem associated with maternity and infant clothing.

I think not only is this new innovative business model super exciting to learn and observe, but it also allows us to explore some interesting topics such as:

- the concept of ownership and the pleasure of possession

- what is fashion rental and the circular economy?

- how the sharing model will work, given our current COVID climate.

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PALANTA contact links:

Website: click here. // Instagram: click here.

Thoughts/ideas/quotes brought up in this episode:

Ownership vs. Fashion Rental:

- “Renting could save you money in the long run, because maybe you just need a certain item for a couple of months so you wouldn’t need to buy it at a full retail price because renting price would be a fraction of this price.” - Sara.

- “Renting allows you to experiment with the designs, and we encourage people to make great use of that item… The other part of PALANTA is the educational events, so we want to have a holistic approach to help people have a more sustainable wardrobe and a more sustainable life.” - Sara.

- “We are a generation where we have these virtual libraries like Airbnb and Spotify where we can rent things, so I really believe that this could work for the clothing industry…”- Sara.

Maternity wear & Infant clothing:

- “I had a lot of feedback from mothers about putting their baby in someone else’s pre-loved items. My answer is that if you think about fast-food, which is bad for your health, and if you think about fast-fashion, it does the same. If your baby wears fast-fashion it can really cause skin irritation and redness… and baby mothers don’t even think about the cause which could be the fast-fashion romper.” - Sara.

- Tackling hygiene in a post-pandemic world: “It’s really important even before the pandemic, but with rental fashion, it’s built on trust. I trust the customer that they will take care of the item while they have it, and they trust me as PALANTA to really clean it and deliver it in a good condition. So, I love this part of the business, that it’s built on trust and this pandemic has really challenged this trust.” - Sara.

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