Ep8. Let’s save the elephants! With The Elephant Room.

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Pictured above: Emily in her favourite up cycled jacket, made from couch material! What?!

Also - meet Tilly! Emily's first sponsored elephant from Thailand.

Introducing: Emily Gorski, the self-taught seamstress behind loungewear label, The Elephant Room. From launching in lockdown, to now sponsoring her first Elephant in Thailand (named Tilly!), we’ll be discussing about:

- The climate change crisis and its impacts on our wildlife and animals.

- Emily’s working practises with textile upcycling and natural dying

- Easy life hacks we can all incorporate into our lives, to help us become more conscious in the way we live.

About the guest:

Currently based out of sunny South Florida, Emily has worked on costume and wardrobe for various entertainment and live events around the world, with her latest experience being a Costume Design Assistant for Circus LA. Emily’s first ever sewing adventure was when she made her first pair of funky bell-bottoms from a royal purple hibiscus printed piece of fabric. This passion grew deeper as she started to go to more music festivals and was inspired by the endless, unique costume styles, which was when she also started to make her own festival outfits.

Aspiring now to have a full-time career in sustainable fashion, Emily launched The Elephant Room during lockdown, as the beginning of her exciting journey in exploring upcycling processes, natural dying and a brand which will ultimately help her save the elephants! You guys definitely need to tune into the episode to find out the reason behind her love for elephants!!

Contact link:

Instagram: click here.

Thoughts/ideas/ references mentioned in this episode:

Climate change crisis:

- Earth Overshoot Day: On 22nd August 2020, Earth Overshoot day marks the date when humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year.

- Article by National Geographic: Hundreds of elephants in Botswana have died due to toxins in the water caused by climate change.

Conscious living:

- Documentary to watch: The True Cost

- “We all need to take responsibility for our actions, because it effects everyone and everything around us.”- Emily

- “I think if we start re-training ourselves to not think that it’s just one plastic bag or one plastic bottle; it’s a bag, or a plastic bottle. Because unfortunately, everything accumulates.” – Emily.

- “I switched to bar soaps, they obviously smell really good and last a lot longer. They’re usually wrapped in paper if at all, and you get to support small businesses.”

- “I have a reusable straw and it comes in a tin…which also makes it cool to leave on the table because it also helps you remember to bring the straw with you.” – Emily.

- “I think everyone has a bag full of bags, why not reuse them? It’s sad that plastic bags are free here.” – Emily.

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