Ep7. How can fashion illustration be sustainable? With Anna Keo.

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Introducing: Anna Keo, the bubbly fashion illustrator behind her eponymous brand ANNA KEO. A fashion sustainability and mental health advocate, Anna creates fun artwork, custom illustrations and quirky greeting cards, in aim to spread joy and positivity to those around her. Join us to discover:

- How fashion illustration can interweave the values of sustainability?

- The ways in which Anna develops a contemporary style to her work

- Learn more about her upcycling graduate menswear collection, which won her a semi-finalist competition at the REDRESS2019 competition.

About the guest:

Having studied art and design through a very Eastern-European academic system, Anna was told by her school dean that she “drew horribly and drew like a kid from kindergarten.” Resilient and determined, Anna continued to pursue her creative endeavours, moving to England to study Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University. She graduated last year, with her graduate collection winning her a semi-finalist place at the REDRESS2019, the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. You go girl!

Contact links:

Website: click here. Instagram: click here.

Thoughts/ideas/ references mentioned in this episode:

Fashion illustration:

- Debunking the myth that “people drawing digitally, don’t know how to draw!”

- Fashion illustration should keep up with fashion’s inclusivity journey: “As fashion is moving forwards, we are having more inclusive models, having beauty marks and tattoos visible…that’s what you want to see in illustration as well, you want to see the imperfections, you want to see the little freckles…”- Anna.

Graduate menswear collection:

- Entitled ‘The Breakfast Club,’ this collection was influenced by the growing issues of mental health in men today and aims to create fun, empowering and motivational garments to help alleviate everyday disharmony.

- Anna applies up-cycling and reconstruction techniques to second-hand clothing and industry off-cuts, minimising wastage through laser cutting.

- Mental health & fashion: “I want this brand to be a mirror of everything positive, uplifting and inspiring.” – Anna.

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