Ep6. Are charity shops as sustainable as you think? Tackling fashion waste with Lydia Bolton.

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Introducing: Lydia Bolton, the innovative fashion designer behind her eponymous label which upcycles unwanted textiles into covetable womenswear. With a successful collaboration with NICCE and being featured in many leading magazines such as Vogue, The Face and Refinery29, this is only just the beginning of Lydia making waves.

Join us as we chat about:

- how she tries to tackle the issue of fashion and textile waste

- discussing whether donating to a charity shop is actually sustainable?

- and all her amazing projects and pieces, designed to deconstruct disposable culture.

About the guest:

At just 25 years old, Lydia created her namesake brand to help provide a solution for the incredible environmental waste that fashion has caused on our planet. Through her working experience as a Design Assistant, and then extending her knowledge at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Lydia became intrigued by the amount of garments and textile that were being sent to landfill each year. This pivotal learning experience was when Lydia felt that she could offer an alternative to the way fashion should be made. She hopes that through her label, she can prove that fashion can be made more responsibly and without harming the environment.

The goal of the brand is to reuse the materials of unwanted and dead-stock clothing by remaking them into new garments, preventing resources from being wasted. The brand’s signature aesthetic combines classic streetwear silhouettes with distinctly feminine details.

Contact links:

Website: click here. // Instagram: click here.

Thoughts/ideas/ references mentioned in this episode:

Sustainability: Up-cycling to tackle fashion waste.

- "Focus on one area and really nail that down…otherwise it’s quite distracting."- Lydia.

- "For me, the unpicking is a craft, and its such a slow thing to do but it’s about putting the love and care back into this unwanted thing." - Lydia.

Her latest collection: A walk in the park.

- "Inspired by lockdown, and for creative people, it may feel squashed…how can you stay creative in one room? And a lost sense of community in a way…and then as soon as we could go out, everyone’s in the park, with their friends, having a good time. So the collection is very inspired by that and those feelings and I wanted the collab to be about community." - Lydia.

Getting more young people involved with fashion sustainability:

- DIY Kits: great way to be involved, doesn't require any special equipment or design skills!

- IG Post: alternative ways to be a mindful shopper, other than donating to charity shops.

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