Ep20. Who’s passionate about streetwear fashion & sustainability like us?! With Lianne Wing-Martins.

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Streetwear Fashion x Sustainability

I’ve always been passionate about fashion sustainability and the streetwear world. However, these worlds currently run parallel… and so in my current process of building ANIMA ANIMUS as a brand, I’ve always been faced with many struggles whilst navigating through this grey intersection. Are there others like me who are passionate about the two? Are people in sustainable fashion, open to wearing more bold, stylish pieces? Do those in streetwear, even care about sustainability?

As a brand that aims to bridge this gap, I’m so delighted to be able to sit down with a fellow female boss babe, who is tackling a similar journey! Introducing, Lianne Wing-Martins, founder of up-cycling streetwear brand RePurpus. Based in Toronto, but inspired by the global streetwear scene, Lianne will be sharing what Toronto’s current fashion scene looks like; being a female within the streetwear space, does this intersection even exist (?!), and how we can influence the wider community about the importance of sustainability through our streetwear passions.

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Time-stamps with thoughts & ideas, bought up in this episode:

09:20 - The worlds of streetwear and sustainability run parallel to one another. True or false?

23:00 – Why up-cycling?

- “If you already bought it, it means before you might have already liked it a little bit, so you just gotta tweak it up a little bit, so you want to wear it again.”

26:55 - Being inspired when travelling

39:50 – Do you think targeting this specific customer is difficult? How are you trying to merge your passions together to make sustainability “cooler”?

- “I think it’s definitely a challenge because on the one hand, there’s the streetwear consumer who is quite particular and loves designs, certain details and aesthetics. Whereas if you look at those interested in sustainability… they don’t really care as much on how it looks, it’s more about the impacts, they’re more concerned about causing less negative impacts. So, when you try to merge both, I feel like there’s a split sector…” – Lianne.

46:30 – How will you make people who are currently not interested in sustainability, to start caring?

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