Ep19. How do sustainable brands market their transparency? With Erica Larson.

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Marketing to account for sustainability.

Transparency… a big buzzword for impact-driven businesses. But how do brands communicate and market their sustainability initiatives creatively and effectively? Whether you’re on the business side as a small e-commerce owner, or completely on the other side as a consumer trying to be more conscious of the brands you invest in, this episode will help dissect some of the strategies that brands can/will use to boost their transparency and sustainability efforts.

No better way to discuss all things online marketing, as we are joined this week with Erica Larson, Founder and Creative Director of Pixel Power, a digital marketing consultancy firm which helps sustainability-oriented organisations get more brand recognition through website design and online content marketing since 2006.

At Pixel Power, Erica heads project development and serves as creative director for website builds, social media, content marketing, and graphic design projects. With a passion for environment and corporate social responsibility, Erica has found a love for providing marketing support to organisations who focus on sustainable business practices. She states “Our best partnerships are with clients who recognise the importance of and relationship between social equity, a thriving natural environment, and a strong economy.”

Podcast episode from fashion sustainability and streetwear podcast called The Anima Animus Podcast. This week's guest is Erica Larson from Pixel Power.

Time-stamps to the key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

20:50 - What’s something right now that’s exciting you for the future of digital marketing?

23:10 - Key things/ no brainers when content creating on TikTok/ Instagram Reels? What have you learnt when making short-video content?

26:20 - Effective ways to market during a pandemic? Specifically, for products which rely on the sense of touch, smell, and taste.

29:50 - What are the common challenges you see your clients face, when they are trying to develop their sustainability marketing strategies?

38:55 - How do you follow up without being annoying?

42:00 - If social media didn’t exist, how would you go about helping your clients market their sustainability values?

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