Ep17. Fighting for future’s sake, connecting sustainable brands to eco influencers with 4futusake.

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Fighting for future’s sake, by connecting sustainable brands to eco influencers with Cornelia Kangur from 4futusake.

Introducing Cornelia Kangur, founder of newly launched marketplace, 4futusake, a platform based in Estonia which aims to connect brands to sustainable influencers. As a sustainable fashion advocate and major girl boss, this is an episode filled with motivation and great vibes all round.

In this episode, Cornelia candidly shares her views on the current Estonian fashion scene, what she found from her market research during the start-up phase, and her personal entrepreneurial journey so far. With the belief that small actions will lead to bigger impacts, Cornelia aspires 4futusake to be her “butterfly effect” within sustainable fashion.

About the Guest:

Whilst studying at the Tallinn University of Applied Science, majoring in Fashion and Textile Resource Management, Cornelia worked in a fast fashion company, not being aware about the complexity of the industry. At the time, “the problem seemed quite far”, but when The True Cost documentary opened her eyes to the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry, Cornelia knew she couldn’t in good conscious turn a blind eye.

“The problem seemed quite far, I didn’t see the whole complexity of the industry at the time…the second I watched The True Cost [documentary], everything changed for me. After that, the whole concept of the fashion industry collapsed in my mind.” – Cornelia.

Contact details:

Website: click here. Email: click here.

Thoughts/ ideas/ quotes bought up in the episode:

- Is there a rise of “Sustainability Advocates” or "Green Influencers”?

- Affiliate marketing: Connecting brands to sustainable publishers and consumers

- The fashion scene in Estonia: “Estonia became independent in 1991, this means that Soviet Union was not such a long time ago. And so, this kind of freedom, which we have today, means to a lot of people, that finally they can buy whatever they want. But the wiser and older generation, still do not consume a lot. They have quite a minimalist point of view and the youngsters are going full speed with the sustainability.”

- The Estonian Fashion Revolution

- Fast fashion brands lack transparency, and therefore communication is key if sustainable brands want to strengthen their narrative and consumer trust.

- Entrepreneurship & work-life balance: What keeps you motivated?

- “Sometimes it just feels like my hands are tied… At the same time, I truly believe that small change can cause a big result, something like the Butterfly effect. Also, I’m really grateful for all the people around me; my business partner, mentor, friends and family. They really support me.” – Cornelia.

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