Ep16. ESG, SDG, ESMS – what?! with Anna Chashchyna.

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Understanding environmental, social and corporate governance with Anna Chashchyna, from the Sustainability Explored podcast.

Introducing: Anna Chashchyna; a sustainability consultant, writer, and podcast host of the ‘Sustainability Explored’ podcast. Over the last 5 years, Anna’s consultancy has helped link the corporate world with environmental & social governance, through investment projects in infrastructure and renewable energy.

This week we deep dive into:

- Environmental, social and corporate governance

- How Anna helps her clients unlock investment

- Measuring sustainability and KPIs used

- Building and maintaining a good company culture.

Anna Chashchyna, from Sustainability Explored Podcast

About the guest:

- With a formal education starting in Ukraine, which then expanded to: France, the UK, Portugal, and Canada, it has equipped Anna with a world-class expertise and a set of versatile skills necessary to effectively offer her consultancy services.

- With a passion for sustainability, writing, public speaking and entrepreneurship, Anna has found many successes within journalism, which eventually lead her to starting her blog and podcast called “Sustainability Explored.”

- Now, she has spent the last 5 years in the conventional corporate world, acting as an environmental and social compliance link between investment projects in renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Contact links:

Website: click here. // Podcast: click here. // Instagram: click here.

Some thoughts/ ideas/ quotes brought up in this episode:

“One of my first memories from my childhood times, we would open the window slightly…and we would come back and see black dust on the window… for sure it was coming from the mine, metalogic plants, all the fumes…all the industrial residuals and particular matters, I remember it made me terrified, it made me very scared because this is what I was breathing in everyday… you literally see what you breathe.” – Anna.

Environmental, social and corporate governance:

“If the community doesn’t know what’s going on with their land, informed, engaged. If no one took a moment to hear their objections, fears, proposals, comments etc. the project is guaranteed to have a lot of problems or not even happen at all, so [the community] is very important.”

“Sustainability to me means saving the resource, balancing the resources.”

“Our KPIs are centred around no problems…avoidance of problems, you have to measure it somehow that you do not get a direct benefit. Our direct benefit is that we did not get a problem.”

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