Ep15. What were your 2020 fashion sustainability learnings & un-learnings?

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My top ten fashion sustainability learnings & un-learnings of 2020.

To celebrate the New Year, I hope you can join me in taking a trip down memory lane, as I share with you my top learnings and un-learnings of the year! Thank you AA family for constantly supporting the vision, and to the amazing guests who have made this show possible ~ cheers to another year!

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Sustainability & Business:

Unlearning 1. We cannot leave sustainability actions to just charities, governments and non-profits alone. Corporations have the ability to harness the power of business, to use growth and profits more consciously.

Circular Fashion:

Learning 2. Waste is only waste, if you treat it as such.

Unlearning 3. Charity shops are not sustainable as we may think they are.

Learning 4. Baby-wear & maternity-wear are one of the quickest product categories that can generate most waste, as life span of product tends to be short.

Learning 5. The science and different properties between chemical and natural dyes.

Consumer behaviour:

Learning 6. Studies have shown that men and women care about sustainability in roughly equal numbers. Some also wear sustainable brands to "eco-impress."

Unlearning 7. It is most likely the items I want right now, I do not need. Ask "why" before you buy.

Conscious Living:

Learning 8. There are simple swaps that can be incorporated to lead a more conscious way of living.