Ep14. Why quit fast-fashion & Black Friday? with Teresa Maria from The Outlandish Blog.

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Why quit fast-fashion & Black Friday?

Introducing: Teresa Maria, founder of Outlandish, a blog which shares her fashion sustainability journey overcoming an addiction to shopping – sounds familiar?!

As we enter the craziest retail sales and promotional period of the year, I thought what better time to re-emphasise the repercussions of the fast-fashion business model, whilst highlighting the ugly truth about Black Friday sales… did you guys see the outrageous 99% discounts that were being offered by fast-fashion retailers this year?! If your first reaction to that wasn’t anger and disgust… we have a lot to talk about… so come through!

This week’s chat will be covering:

- Why Black Friday is a problem?

- What are some solutions that can be taken?

- Tips to refrain from impulse buying.

- Styling advice to implement slow-fashion.

Please also note!! The purpose of the podcast is to never make you feel shit for shopping at fast-fashion retailers… sustainability will always be a journey, and no journey is ever perfect! Please know the aim of the show is to solely enlighten and inspire you to all the tips, advice and alternative ways that we can all adopt, to lead a more conscious lifestyle. I hope that each week, you take only away either a little learning, tip or positive vibe to guide and empower you on your own personal sustainability journeys - all love!

The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast collaboration with Teresa Maria from the Outlandish Blog. Fashion sustainability and conscious consumption. Discussion on Black Friday.

About the guest:

Based in Finland, Teresa started her blog Outlandish as a diary to reflect on her journey as a recovering shop-aholic. Just over five years ago, Teresa had her fashion epiphany, surrounded by mountains of clothing in her bedroom. That was when she embarked on a shopping strike, in which Teresa took this time to learn all about sustainable fashion and how destructive the fashion industry is for both our people and our planet. As the second biggest polluter to our planet, she was shocked at how little coverage this was given, and so thought, if no one was talking about it – she would!

The Outlandish blog is dedicated to inspire and share all the tips and knowledge she’s gathered over the years, to connect and help others on similar journeys. It’s easy to be caught up in the fast-fashion cycle, risking not only the welfare of our planet and people, but for your own personal mental health and financial awareness. It can be hard to avoid fast-fashion nowadays, but it’s not impossible.

Contact details:

Blog page: click here. // Instagram: click here.

Thoughts/ideas/quotes brought up in the episode:

“Buy less, buy better.”

- Article: Pretty Little Thing’s 99% discounts

- Article: Topshop goes into administration

- Blog post: Why H&M and Zara aren’t sustainable fashion brands, and never will be.

What are the problems with Black Friday?

- Teresa’s recent blog post: “Why I am not participating in Black Friday.”

- “What is our real reason to shop on Black Friday? I know some people will go and shop because they need to for Christmas presents… it’s totally fine… but it you’re just shopping for the sake of shopping, then why? Why are you doing that?! Is it because of FOMO (Fear or Missing Out)? Or because simply everyone else is doing it? Because everyone else is doing it…” – Teresa.

- Small businesses feeling pressured to devalue their products

- Pressure on workers across the supply chain

- Environmental pollution: increased packaging & transportation.

Solutions: So… now hearing about all this, what can we do?

- Consider how you’re currently feeling - are you scrolling on online stores because you’re bored? Are you just trying to buy sale items because everyone else seems to be doing it?

- Consider the “why” before you buy. Try leaving it for a few days and see if you still need it as much as you did at first?

- By understand what makes something “high quality,” you’ll be able to make a more informed choice when investing in longevity. It’s all in the garment details, so why not turn a garment inside out and check its seams?

- Blog post: How to ‘slow-style’ the perfect autumn/winter outfit?

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Thank you so much again for coming through, and until next week…

Sending you mad mad love,

Chelsea x