Ep12. How can we harness trends to make friends? With Jacqueline Ouellette.

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Social media activism and the environment: How can we harness trends to make friends?

Introducing: Jacqueline Ouellette, currently a Sustainability Management Ph.D. Student, with a massive passion for intersectional ecofeminism. From developing sustainability policies in the workplace, to being a Fashion Revolution Ambassador, Jacqueline is an incredibly pro-active advocate. This week’s discussion will explore:

- UN Sustainability Development Goals

- Social and environmental education

- Jacqueline’s recent thesis publication (click to download here.)

- How we can “harness trends to make friends”?!

Buzzing with passion, knowledge and energy, this is an episode you don’t want to miss out!

Jacqueline Oullette Sustainability Management Ph.D Student

About the guest:

While Jacqueline started her studies within media, towards the end of her undergraduate, she wanted to make more connections between her media interests and passions for sustainability. These intersections have so far, successfully allowed her to teach on a range of courses, with her current course focusing on the environment and business. Amongst teaching, Jacqueline has also worked for a renewable energy company, independently establishing community engagement, indigenous relations, and sustainability policies to develop the ethical practices of the corporation.

With an extensive academic background and a range of work experiences under her belt, this is only just the beginning of her sustainability endeavours. Tune in, to hear more about her experiences, including her time as a Fashion Revolution ambassador, and being a scholar within the sustainability space.

Contact link: Instagram - click here.

Thoughts/ideas/quotes brought up in the episode:

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

- Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: SDG cover and original.

- SDGs are more action-driven goals rather than theoretical goals: “We need imperfect environmentalists too, because that’s part of the change, right? At a consumer level, I think we should be forgiving of ourselves, but also set goals for ourselves.” – Jacqueline.

Sustainability reporting:

- “I don’t want to throw any company under the bus or anything… some fast-fashion companies may report on sustainability, but there’s somewhat misleading ways of formatting, which may require flicking through numerous flip-notes to really acknowledge the weakness of their sustainability.” – Jacqueline.

- Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: The Ugly Truth of Fast Fashion.

Embedding sustainability within education:

- Courses such as The Foundation for Environmental Stewardship, enables youth empowerment through education, mentorship and training. This in turn hopes that more conscious, personal and professional choices will be made.

- Chelsea: Do you think our education system often forgets to teach us about how to be conscious global citizens?

- Jacqueline: This depends on the teacher and the school board... I think it’s not so much forgotten, as it can be very hard to unpack at certain levels of the educational process…

Master’s Thesis Dissertation:

Topic: Protecting indigenous people and role of social media

- Download Jacqueline’s thesis, entitled ‘The Legitimation & Networked Unification of #NoDAPL: Diverse Discourses of Value Validate a Collective Identity,’ here.