Ep11. Interactive-solo episode: I’ve got an announcement!!

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Special episode: Announcement time!

First thing’s first – how are we all? So…It’s the last week of November, which is also London’s last week of its second national lockdown… and guess what? The show has already reached its first mini milestone!! With 10 episodes down, meaning we’ve been able to sit down with 10 different amazing guests so far, all working on 10 different amazing brands and enterprises. I found it super inspiring to hear all the different stories and journeys that were spoken about; all incredibly different, yet all trying to achieve the same fashion sustainability vision.

So far, we’ve been able to cover such a range of approaches, for example, we’ve explored how Lydia Bolton tackles industry textile waste in Episode 6, protecting animals and wildlife with Emily from The Elephant Room in Episode 8… to creative business models such as PALANTA’s rental fashion marketplace in Episode 9… and the best thing yet is that there’s so much more incredible stories out there to uncover!

I wanted to take this week out to create a solo episode, just to celebrate our first mini milestone and share some very very EXCITING news…. (!!!)

In summary… ANIMA ANIMUS is currently cooking up some new pieces for its first sustainably-driven clothing drop!! Yup. 2021 Launch. Let the countdown commence!

The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast - ethical and sustainable fashion podcast to fight fast-fashion

Tune in to find out all the details, but here are some of this week’s episode highlights:

For our new AA Family members:

- ANIMA ANIMUS is a lifestyle brand which aims to merge the gap between sustainability and streetwear fashion.

- The first drop aims to bring a fresh new aesthetic into the fashion sustainability space, whilst also tackling streetwear’s sustainability problem.

- Accessibility: Sustainability should not be a luxury. Therefore, with high price-points being the main concern within sustainable fashion, how will AA ensure its price-points cover the social and environmental costs fairly, whilst still allowing you guys, to access these products?


- I think it is important to acknowledge that sustainability will always be an ongoing journey, with always room for improvement. (More on my thoughts about brands claiming to be “0% impact or 100% sustainable” in the episode.)

- Slow-fashion: Something that Eleanor, from Rockett Fashion mentioned in Episode 2, which really resonated with me: “Why can’t fashion take a note from the music industry where they release things ONLY when they’re ready?”

- Brand transparency: tune in to hear an overview of the journey we're about to take... yup, all 835249x stages as all of our pieces are to be designed and created from scratch! No blanks here! You'll see how we start with a sketch, to the end outcome in 2021.

- AA’s new sustainability page, which is coming soon.

- Also, an opportunity to e-meet one of our supply chain managers!

With loads to catch up on, fun submissions from our AA community and a chance to meet one of our supply chain managers... This is such a special episode you definitely don't want to miss out!

Just before I sign out, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to whether you’re connected with us on our podcast, email list or follow us on any social media platforms, it just shows you’re here, interested in the vision & showing support for this ultimate vision, which is already such a big, big blessing - so thank you!