Ep 40. How can we all engage in a low-waste lifestyle today, with Elizabeth Teo.

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What is a Zero-waste/ Low-waste lifestyle?

With SO much production waste and packaging created globally, isn’t it inevitable to just create waste even if we don’t want to? What do these zero-waste / low-waste lifestyles entail? There’s no better person in mind to join our AA family this week, to help demystify all these areas, than the zerowastecutie herself - yep I’m going by her IG handle which I’m sure some of you may recognize… it’s Elizabeth Teo!

Elizabeth is an environmental justice educator whose advocacy work has been recognized by sooo many and just to name a few, we’re talking Green Peace USA, The Good Trade, Huffington Post…. Which makes me super excited to be sharing this episode with you guys cause it’s gonna be jam packed with loads of zero-waste tips to help break down as many barriers as possible, in aim to help you pursue your most conscious lifestyle possible. So whether that be barriers associated with affordability, accessibility, or just general knowledge about the current global waste situation, we’ve got you covered.

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A sustainable fashion podcast by The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast, featuring Elizabeth Teo aka ZeroWasteCutie.

Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

5:00 - Compostable mail bags are not as sustainable as we think!

13:50 - Myth debunked: “The zero-waste lifestyle is a very new practice.”

17:30 – Getting to know Elizabeth Teo.

- Having studied at an alternative high school, The Science and Math Institute, Elizabeth’s love for the environment grew from a very young age, as the school was “partnered with a zoo, which meant marine biology by the ocean, and hikes with plant identification instead of the gym… honestly it was such a dream school.”

- University: “I double majored in environmental studies and learnt more about the social aspects…. when we talk about the environment, we often think of the environment in the Western world as very exterior, but in many cultures, such as Buddhism, they see the environment and us as one, we’re not separate and I think it’s much more powerful.”

- “I was just getting frustrated with everything that I was learning… and I thought that there must be more that I can do than turning off lights and using less water… so that’s when I stumbled across the zero-waste community.” – Elizabeth.

29:40 – Elizabeth’s recommendations in researching zero-waste information:

- Ellen Macarther Foundation: for in-depth reports and information about the circular economy.

- Fashion Revolution: for lots of online and offline fashion activities and information, specialising on the health, safety and rights of our garment workers.

- Friends: Aditi Mayer: Sustainable Fashion Blogger, Photojournalist and Labour Rights Activist.

- Friend: Threading For Change: "an ambitious international youth-led organization working to achieve a Feminist Fossil Fuel-Free Fashion Future."

33:40 – What’s the Zero-waste / Low-waste lifestyle all about?