Ep 38. Top 5 tips to spot green-washing in fashion, with Shirley aka Classified Closet.

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Hopefully you won’t have to spot green-washing, but here’s some tips just in case ;)

Every day is Earth day for us, so on this episode, we dedicate this space to exploring what green-washing is, what it looks like within fashion, how to spot it and some actionable solutions that both brands and consumers can implement. We’re joined by a familiar face within the sustainable fashion remit, Shirley from Classified Closet, a fashion advocate and content creator. Tune in for an easy listen - promise it’s not a lesson!

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a fashion sustainability podcast by The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast, featuring Shirley from Classified Closet.

Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

6:00 – Getting to know Shirley!

- From Blogging, Youtube and Instagram, Shirley has always had a keen interest in sustainable fashion, releasing her first Youtube video when she was only 13 years old!

- Shirley also works as a Marketing Strategist, and so this comes into great use, as she shares with us this week, all the green-washing secrets that brands use to market “eco products.”

13:00 – What is green-washing, simply put?

14:40 – From a marketing perspective, what are some things to look out for to spot potential green-washing?

15:00 – Look out for brands using buzzwords.

- “For example, ‘recycled’, ‘natural,’ or ‘eco-conscious.’ I think those words have good intentions but companies need to be a little more specific with how their practices, ingredients are proving those buzzwords.” – Shirley.

- “They [brands] have to describe their products somehow right… but they have to define it more, and explain it more, what it means to them… because these buzzwords are too easily used and slapped on products.” – Chelsea.

16:20 – Be mindful of brands when they release one or one-off eco-capsules. Look for brands that are making greater efforts to make ALL of their collections as conscious as possible.

20:00 – Look for brands who share their third-party certifications.

- This should be a positive thing for brands to show off so, why won’t they?

- “Having third party certifications is really helpful so we can be aware of what the brands are doing, for example B Corporation or Fair Trade.” – Shirley.

25:12 – Are brands talking about ethical factors? Such as worker’s health and safety, fair wages and worker’s rights.