Ep 39. Ethical fashion: Finding your favourite Pinterest fits through thrifting! With Bhavini Patel!

The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast is on a mission to bring the conversation of sustainability to the forefront of the fashion industry. Join Chelsea and her guests in learning and growing, unravelling the issues that the fashion system has caused, both on our planet and its people. Follow us on your favourite streaming app, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or listen here now. Featured in the Top 10 UK Fashion podcasts.

Why should we care about sustainable vegan living & ethical style?

So honoured to introduce this week’s ethical fashion advocate, Bhavini Patel, who’s an absolute queen with incredible style. Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring, and you can definitely find your next favourite Pinterest inspired fits, by simply scrolling through Bhavini’s feed! This week, Bhavini shares her experiences and learnings thus far in striving for an all-round conscious lifestyle. As we remind ourselves of the importance of ethics in everything we choose to do, Bhavini shares some super useful tips and advice, to help us find ways we can align our actions with our values; in fashion, food and beyond.

Veganism is often associated with food, but it can apply to many areas of your life. This is a great episode in understanding why veganism is important for many people, the benefits and challenges this may bring, and how veganism also applies to fashion and clothing.

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The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast is a sustainable fashion podcast, with this week's guest Bhavini Patel on Veganism and Ethical Fashion.

Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

6:20 – Is switching to a plant based diet expensive?

13:30 – Being a vegan extends your lifestyle, it’s not just food!

17:30 – The beginning of Bhavini’s veganism and ethical fashion journey.

- Tackling the disconnect between your daily decisions and the impacts it has on the world. Aligning your actions with your beliefs.

- Finding your purpose to stay focused. “Leading with love,” – Bhavini.

- “Me trying to not consume fast fashion, is a direct reflection of me not wanting to harm women that look like me, in these third world countries.” – Bhavini.

- “We have so much power as consumers, and we don’t even understand how much we can help to drive change… it’s so difficult when there’s information gaps… so sometimes it’s not like they don’t care, they just don’t know about these things,” – Chelsea.

29:30 - How does Bhavini deal with negative responses from meat-loving family and friends?

32:35 – Craving meat? Favourite protein sources? Cookie recipes!