Ep 37. Building a sustainable fashion community through collaborations, with Nadine Banks.

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Creative content, collaboration & community building.

Introducing: Nadine Banks, Fashion and Climate Justice Activist, Graphic Design and Founder of Re_Archive, an online journal space which connects and opens discussions about the fashion industry. From moving to London from New Zealand, Nadine drops some useful networking tips (for introverts like myself!) on how she started to build up her fashion network, into the ever-growing community of Re_Archive. We talk about inspirational figures, designing creative content, and the importance of collaboration to push sustainability messaging.

Contact links:

Nadine’s IG: click here. Re-Archive’s IG: click here.

A fashion sustainability podcast by The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast, featuring Nadine Banks on collaboration and building a sustainable fashion community for Re_Archive.

Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

8:00 – Do you think collaborative change is more impactful that individual change?

9:35 – Introducing Nadine Banks and moving from New Zealand to London

12:15 – Starting Re_Archive to highlight issues within the fashion industry.

15:00 – Why is collaboration so important?

17:05 – Moving to the over side of the world: how did Nadine start to network and build up fashion industry connections?

19:00 – Inspirational figures within sustainable fashion.

12:40 – Collaboration: challenges and rewards.

25:20 – Producing creative content for Re_Archive.

- Interactive social media content

- Conversational pieces

- Written articles

- 3D animation and graphic designs

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