Ep 34. Discovering global talents & artisanal brands who fight for social justice, with MBF.

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Introducing: My Brother's Friend.

Buckle up for our first 3-way conversation this week! We’re joined by fellow podcast hosts Nisha and Sofia, from My Brother’s Friend Podcast (which is also an aspiring marketplace for artisanal brands!). Nisha & Sofia are two college seniors based in Boston, with a passion for discovering global artists, activists, talents and more. If you’re into streetwear, youth culture, and have a general interest in digging deeper into different art forms to learn about all the layers of conversational depth – MBF will be the most fulfilling space for you!

Contact links:

MBF’s Instagram: click here. // Website: click here.

A fashion podcast by The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast, hosted by Chelsea, featuring Nisha Momin and Sofia Yepes from My Brother's Friend Podcast.

Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

5:15 – Being fashionable versus being stylish.

6:20 – Do you think streetwear dead?

- “I would say false because I think the people who truly wear streetwear, it’s not dead for them… what everyone knows as streetwear now, I don’t think that’s streetwear, so we can call it something else, but I feel like those skaters or those people who like hip-hop music, and those artists, they’re never gonna let that element go.” – Nisha.

- “I feel like the hype-beast side of streetwear has gone way too far in terms of price point and exclusivity… and only a certain group of people who have a lot of money can be part of that community, which is fine, but I agree with Nisha too, that there will always be the ‘humble beginnings’ side to streetwear.” – Sofia.

10:30 – Defining streetwear – what really is it now & who does it belong to?

12:30 – A little bit more about Nisha & Sofia, and the mission of My Brother’s Friend!

- “We love and want to talk to more creatives around the world because there’s so many interesting cultural overlaps. Nisha and I have learnt a lot about the social justice and creativity overlap, and how people use that as a means of protest.” – Sofia.

- “I first came across your podcast on Instagram and got to discover so many cool new artists who all have something to say… and I think it’s so cool that you guys have chosen an audio space for something so visual. I think it’s so key to provide them a space where they can voice and share their opinions, whilst all the visual communication can come after.” – Chelsea.

20:00 – Branding MBF: finding a gender-neutral grounding.

- Navigating as female founders within the streetwear segment of fashion, which is a male-dominated area.

25:30 – Developing MBF into a market place to discover artisanal brands.

- “We would love MBF to be a breath of fresh air and make people re-think where they buy their clothes from.” – Sofia.

- You can check out MBF’s current directory of brands: here. This is a curation of brands that Nisha and Sofia have put together so far – defo worth checking out!

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