Ep 32. Making the climate cool again, with sustainability consultant Sara Miltenberger.

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Why is sustainability important & how can we keep the world engaged?

The conversation of climate change and sustainability can tend to feel ‘doom and gloom,’ since we’re facing such an environmental crisis. That’s why I really appreciate Sara Miltenberger’s approach to podcasting as I think we all need a certain type of energy and element of fun, back within the conversation; a type of hope to fuel the momentum forwards. The “Make Climate Cool Again” podcast does just that. Sara comes from a wealth of experiences, and I’m so excited to share this insightful conversation where we explore some key trends she’s seen within the beauty industry that fashion could use to improve their sustainability practices, and how brands can better communicate these messages to the wider audience to ensure more mindful decisions are being made.

a fashion sustainability podcast hosted by Chelsea from The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast, featuring Sara Miltenberger from the Make Climate Cool Again Podcast.

About the guest:

Sara Miltenberger has made a name for herself in the sustainability world of science and technology for the past six years and one of her biggest passions is utilizing creativity and innovation to develop solutions with stakeholders for their programs. Her clients have included small to large businesses that are looking for help with life cycle analysis, supply chain and employee education.

A natural entrepreneur, she has previously built two small businesses during her undergrad experience at Union College. She graduated from Columbia University in May 2019 with a M.S. in Sustainability Management and received her Bachelor of Arts from Union College in Environmental Policy in 2015. In 2019, Sara was awarded with Forbes 30 under 30 Scholar and in 2020, was granted with the Selfmade x Office Depot Scholarship.

Contact links:

Sara’s Instagram: click here. // Website: click here.

Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

9:30 – Is sustainability elitist?

12:10 – Sara’s background, experience, and how she got into the sustainability space.

15:50 – What it’s like working at Tesla?

- Environmentalism x Technology.

- Company culture

19:40 – Bringing the positivity back within sustainability, to drive change.

25:20 – Do businesses understand the value of sustainability?

- “I think hierarchy in businesses holds back the making of sustainability decisions,”- Sara.

- The other challenge is that they don’t know what they want, they want sustainability but they don’t know how, they don’t know what it’s worth, they don’t know how to pay for it.” – Sara.

34:00 – Why the fashion industry is behind on sustainability, compared to the beauty industry. Observations, trends, consumer behaviours & ideas.