Ep 28. What does inclusion look like within Sustainable Fashion? With Jessica Evans.

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What does inclusive fashion mean?

Many of us are aware that fashion’s marketing campaigns, representations and even its system, are not as diverse and inclusive as we would hope it to be. Did you guys hear about the news around Jacquemus a while back? Jacquemus is a luxury French fashion brand which is working towards sustainability, and was praised online for their 2021 spring ready-to-wear show that showcased a stunning cast of diverse models parading through this open, serene field. But shortly after, Jacquemus posted an Instagram photo, displaying their behind-the-scenes team, which appeared to be a team made up of all, if not most, white team members. It is clear from this, we can see that there’s still so much we can do as an industry, to really make sure inclusivity becomes a long-term change across the spectrum.

A term most often spoken about within Sustainable Fashion is ‘intersectional environmentalism,’ which is when both social and environmental justice are taken into equal account. But shouldn’t this what the word ‘sustainability’ is meant to mean?! Well… brands can sometimes preach about slow-fashion in the name of environmentalism, but then leave out the human-aspect of fashion in the back seat. But these were all just snippets of a much WIDER and BIGGER conversation….

I would really love for you guys to meet our guest, Jessica Evans, this week who is the founder and creative behind NOAGE Label, designed for the modern woman who cares about the world’s welfare. This was such an inspiring conversation because NOAGE really practices the concept of intersectional environmentalism, taking much care in their supply chain and giving-back initiatives. With 10 years of experience in fashion, Jessica is also a model, so it was a really great opportunity to be able to ask her about all her experiences and thoughts on:

- Fashion’s diversity and inclusion problem

- How this is interlinked with the industry’s beauty standards

- How she uses this as fuel, to drive NOAGE as the conscious brand that it is today!

a fashion sustainability podcast by The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast, featuring Jessica Evans from NOAGE LABEL.

Contact links:

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Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

16:10 – Jessica’s modelling career before starting her sustainable fashion brand.

22:10 – The calm before the storm: Building NOAGE Label.

- “The first year was a lot of researching… and that’s when I came across The True Cost Documentary and when I watched that, it really opened my eyes… I thought ‘Oh my god, the industry is so polluting and I’ve been working in it, how could I never have thought of it being so bad?” – Jessica.

- “Having a sustainable brand is a tough journey, but it can be rewarding as well because hopefully it will be helping the planet to become a better place!”- Jessica.

- “I love how you had a natural sense of curiosity within your first steps within the industry, right from the beginning when you were modelling… not many people like turn their clothes inside out or look at the label to really understand where it’s from or what it’s made from.” – Chelsea.

31:20 – Giving back to the environment and communities.

35:10 – Swimwear to embrace inclusion.

- A width and depth of sizes and silhouettes to embrace different body shapes and sizes.

- Sold in a “mix & match” approach to allow clients to try varying silhouettes that can complement their body shape.

- Inclusive of age: varying swimwear silhouettes.

38:00 - Challenges for a sustainable brand when trying to create an inclusive size range?

45:40 – Body positivity

- “It’s great to embrace different shapes and sizes, but if a brand is using a model who is clearly over-weight or clearly under-weight, do you actually think that marketing campaign is actually doing more harm than good?” – Chelsea.

52:30 – As a brand owner, how can we ensure our brands are as inclusive as possible?

56:25 – What’s next for NOAGE Label?

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