Ep 27. There’s the trash we produce, the trash we consume & the trashy ways we treat each other...

Updated: Apr 11

The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast is on a mission to bring the conversation of sustainability to the forefront of the fashion industry. Join Chelsea and her guests in learning and growing, unravelling the issues that the fashion system has caused, both on our planet and its people. Follow us on your favourite streaming app, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or listen here now. Featured in the Top 10 UK Fashion podcasts.

The fashion media publication with a purpose to actively seek and inspire new ways of living, freeing us all from the societal pressures, discrimination and oppressions within the systems we live in.

Introducing: Ungarbage Magazine.

Join Chelsea as she welcomes MP Guillot, founder of Ungarbage Magazine, which is a Toronto based, quirky, fun (and your new favourite) conscious magazine! What sets this fashion magazine apart from the other sustainability publications, is the colourful, street style aesthetic, breaking the mould of sustainable fashion known to be “minimalistic” or only using “earthy” colour palettes.

“The only way out of this landfill is to admit the hard truth of what got us here and rethink what really matters to us as humans, rebuilding a world where everyone gets equal opportunities and resources are utilized sustainably. We cannot get one without the other. We must reclaim our inner power, believe in our vision and relearn to connect with our true unique selves while acknowledging our interconnectedness to everything. Here’s to doing the work of ungarbaging our world together.” – Ungarbage Magazine.

Contact links:

Website: click here. // Instagram: click here.

Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

9:30 – The mission: Creating a fashion print magazine that will educate, inform and inspire different ways of living, freeing us all from the current societal pressures.

14:30 – What was the story behind the magazine name?

18:20 – The importance of collaboration to drive sustainability efforts and industry change.

25:20 – “You get to be who you fully want to be, and I really believe that if we are all 100% confident in who we are, then that would solve a lot of the world’s problems… because for example in fast-fashion, we can tell people all day to stop buying stuff at H&M or Zara, but if someone feels like they need to have a specific piece of clothing to feel good for a specific reason, using that as a coping mechanism to feel good, then the need to have it, is much stronger than them knowing that it hurts the workers in another country or it’s bad on the environment.” – MP.

32:10 – Diversity and Inclusion:

- “We’re all here, so there’s no reason for some of us to be more important than others. So, they way we’re doing it in the magazine is by giving the space, or passing the mic if you will, to say hey, here’s a space for you, ten pages for you, what do you want to say and what’s important to you, what’s something that you experienced that no one talks about.” – MP.

- “There’s so much more effort, not only by just giving a seat at the table, but making sure that seat is also heard.” – Chelsea.

35:00 – Keeping people woke: What’s the Ungarbage Magazine way of communicating ideas?

- “I try to focus less on information, and more on how to have better conversations… how can we be more compassionate to ourselves and how can we better understand each other.”- MP.

- “I really like the fine line between what’s ugly and pretty, because we are so fed into certain aesthetics of what’s supposed to be beautiful. I love finding things where I can question, is this really beautiful? Or is this ugly? And in the space where I don’t know, that’s when it gets interesting because I have to actually decide, as I haven’t been conditioned yet to decide.” – MP.

41:10 – How can we have better conversations? Does social media help or hinder conversations?

49:30 – Regaining your power as a consumer.