Ep 26. The brand taking “wearing your boyfriend’s shirt” to a whole new level, with LOTI.

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Re-think Re-cycling with LOTI.

This week’s guest is about to make you re-think your idea of re-cycling and up-cycling fashion; this is not the dreadful cliché DIYs that you found on Pinterest – na uh! Based in Los Angeles, and crafted in Peru, LOTI is about to launch to the world their stunning, elevated every-day wear, made from up-cycled men’s shirting. Join us as we discover how LOTI tackles fashion’s over-consumption problem, with angelic, feminine dresses today!

a fashion sustainability podcast by The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast, featuring Lottie Bertello from LOTI this week, as they discuss re-cycling and up-cycling fashion to tackle the fashion industry's waste problem.

Contact links:

Website: click here. // Instagram: click here.

Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

3:20 – What’s the difference between up-cycling and recycling?

8:30 – Paving your own sustainable fashion career path, to knock down current road blocks within the fashion industry.

15:20 – Sourcing materials: How did you land on the idea of up-cycling men’s dress shirts into dresses?

19:10 – The concept, visuals and aesthetic of the brand.

- “Our silhouettes are really easy to wear… they have a lot of adjustability included.” – Lottie.

- “It’s kinda funny how we are taking all of these guy shirts and completely deconstructing them and making very feminine dresses out of them… it’s almost like a juxtaposition of what their past lives were.” – Lottie.

25:00 – Creating LOTI’s supply chain in Peru, from scratch!

32:30 – Making up-cycling more accessible for consumers and designers.

38:00 – Importance of transparency and keeping accountability.

Lottie's recommendations for sustainable & fun brands/ designers :)

- paloma wool

- maggie marilyn

- boyish jeans

- back beat co

- mate the label

- selina sanders

- picnicwear

- la casua clothing

- whimsy + row


- sezane

- petite studio

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