Ep 25. In the face of a global crisis, how should the global fashion industry move forwards?

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Fashion Forward: the industry’s next up and coming think tank that you need to know about...

Fashion Forward is an exciting new not-for-profit, based in New York and founded by Sara Bernat and Doris Domoszlai-Lantner, to challenge the conventional discourses around the fashion system. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, join Chelsea as she sits down with one of the co-founders this week, to discuss how Fashion Forwards unravels unexpected data into intelligent insights and accessible media for all. This unique hub looks at Fashion through an anthropological lens, hosting insightful and informed events, to keep the process of learning about sustainable fashion, engaging and fun.

Sustainability is such a global effort, so how can we ensure our adored fashion industry can also consciously move forwards, within the hardships of this pandemic?

a fashion sustainability podcast by The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast, featuring Fashion Forward.

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Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

8:25 – Is there enough accessible and understandable information on sustainable fashion?

- “It’s a tricky one because I think it’s somewhere in between. I think there’s a lot of information on sustainable fashion, especially on environmental sustainability, and not much on social sustainability unfortunately.” – Sara.

- “I wish there would be more information where people can relate to, so that they can put it into context…and that’s what we are trying to do.” – Sara.

11:00 – Block-chain and artificial intelligence to optimise sustainable fashion?

- “In the framework of consumerism, so much of it is based on aspirational story-telling, which is amazing because a whole movement can start like that, but it also has a huge potential for greenwashing and that’s why we need to move on from storytelling, something more tangible and rooted in facts.” – Sara.

- “In a university project I did, I was comparing how the fishing industry uses block-chain to track how the fish are sourced, and compared to the fashion industry, we’re very behind. I think because with food, consumers are literally consuming the food inside their bodies…. And that makes so much more impacts to the consumer compared to clothing which is outside of our bodies so it may be considered as not too relevant.” – Chelsea.

21:30 – Intersection of story-telling and data: the structure of Fashion Forward as the global think tank for sustainable fashion.

- “I find it really interesting how Fashion Forward is set up to be because it’s almost like a trade show, but it’s not operating a business context, and a comic-con, because there’s such an experience… there’s learning and vibes, which is so unique.” – Chelsea.

- “There’s so many voices being left out and we felt that there’s a strong need for this. There’s simply topics which are completely neglected, for example, non-western approaches to sustainability which essentially could lead to further ideas such as neo-colonisation, so it really shouldn’t be neglected. But we also realised that in order to be effective, we need to reach many segments and many groups for this discourse, it’s not enough to just point out overlooked topics, but to cater those to different audiences, so we are very keen in providing accessible information to the general population.” – Sara.

31:50 – Collaborating within a global network to drive systemic change.

36:00 – Cultural exchange: Learning about fashion sustainability shouldn’t be a chore!

42:15 – How should the global fashion industry move forwards, considering this pandemic?

44:10 – The wide spectrum of fashion sustainability.

- “A real sustainable brand doesn’t exist in my opinion, it’s a direction you go towards.” – Sara.

- “Sustainability functions in such a spectrum… and the definition of sustainability is so broad, so what is sustainable for Stella McCartney may not be the definition of H&M… it doesn’t mean that those definitions are