Ep 24. "Good design is sustainable design," so how can we mindfully design for fashion?

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Product designing for sustainability.

Have you guys ever thought about or wanted to change a specific graphic on your t-shirt, without having to buy a completely new one? Or have you ever looked at something and thought: “Ah damn, I wish that skirt was available in a black version/ or a blue version…” Well what if I told you, you could pick the colour-ways you wanted and get a reversible skirt made just for you? Yep, sounds pretty damn cool right…?! This is exactly what our guest this week specialises in: multi-purpose and highly functional fashion pieces.

RADINA RADEVA, is a London based fashion-designer and founder behind her name-sake brand, which champions on sustainable design. As Imran Ahmed noticeably said, “good design is sustainable design,’ and this week, Radina will be sitting down with the AA Family, to share her experiences and thoughts on:

- Designing fashion for multi-purpose and practicalities.

- The inspiration and challenges faced whilst developing this brand concept.

- Her ultimate advice for other brands and designers to approach design and product development more consciously.

fashion sustainability podcast by The ANIMA ANIMUS Podcast

Contact links:

Website: click here. // Instagram: click here.

Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

6:20 – Fashion designers are the only people in charge of driving sustainable fashion. True or False?

10:15 – The story behind the brand: building a sustainable fashion label which specialises in multi-functional and multi-purpose fashion items.

16:00 – We’re not charity, we’re impact driven businesses!

- “I think there’s a stigma when we talk about sustainable fashion and trying to do good, it’s assumed and comes across as if it’s charitable work… they’re impact-driven businesses, and it’s about the Triple Bottom Line, taking into account all the factors, and not just revenue, revenue, revenue.” – Chelsea.

25:25 – What challenges did you face whilst building this conscious fashion brand?

- “There are always challenges when you start something new, particularly when your business requires some sort of shift in habit or change in mind-set.” – Radina.

- “People sometimes find it hard to trust the idea at first…. but more and more people are definitely into the idea and asking more and more questions.” – Radina.

31:00 – How do the products work? How can we style them?

- “We’re humans and we always want something new, but if having something new means just creating a tenth of a garment, that already reduces your impact 10 times as you’re not working to have a whole piece made… so this is where the sustainability aspect comes about and at the same time, our human desire for change is satisfied.” – Radina.

34:00 – The Reversible Skirt: benefits, secret functions and perfect for travelling-light!

48:00 – The “Wardrobe Revamp” service, which aims to give your wardrobe a new life.

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