Ep 23. Picking brains with Fashion Designer & Fashion Buyer: Part 2 with Chloe Baines.

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Should the fashion industry adopt a season-less production cycle?

Welcome back to PART 2 of Chloe and I’s conversation. Last week, we explored some interesting points which made us question if sustainable fashion is a one, big huge paradox?! Some things we touched upon were:

- The conflicting struggles as a sustainable fashion-designer; creating new products when the sustainable fashion world is telling you to produce less and to buy less…

- Challenges of accessibility and pricing for sustainable fashion

- Normalising second-hand shopping and the concept of “new products.”

Please do make sure you give PART 1 a listen too if you haven’t already done so… but if you would like to get stuck right into the mud with PART 2 this week, then it really does get even more insightful, as Chloe will be sitting on one side of the table as the designer, and I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts and experiences from the other side of the table, having come from the Fashion Buying sphere.

It’s so great to be able to sit down and have these open and informal conversations, especially between different parts of the industry. At the end of the day, Fashion is so heavily interconnected with one another, so to really drive sustainable change, there must also be the same collective effort! Really hope you enjoy this conversation, let us know your thoughts! Do you think the industry should adopt a season-less production cycle?

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Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

2:40 - Fashion’s demand and supply dynamics

10:25 – Are consumers willing to wait for slow-fashion items?

18:20 – Is there enough education on sustainable fashion at university?

23:40 – Surely the current need for constant product newness make fashion seasons become obsolete?

36:00 – A conflict of values: Creating sustainable products within a sustainable-fashion market that tells you to stop creating and buying in general.

38:00 – Sense of community > Sense of attack and cancel culture.

41:58 – What’s next for CHLOE BAINES?