Ep 22. Is sustainable fashion just a huge paradox? Part 1 with Chloe Baines.

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Is sustainable fashion a paradox?

To kick start this fresh month of March, the AA family was so thrilled to sit down with another incredible, up-coming fashion designer, based in London. You may have come across her collection called “In Tents: The After Party,” back in 2019, where she rescued and up-cycled festival tents, transforming festival waste into super cool and wearable fashion pieces. Since then, she’s been featured in so many publications such as BRICKS MAGAZINE and DEZEEN, and now also being stocked at one of the world’s most renowned luxury department stores, Selfridges, as part of their new sustainability initiative called “Bright New Things.” Super exited to introduce... CHLOE BAINES. With so many amazing achievements under her belt, it’s crazy how Chloe is only getting started…

In Part 1 this week, we explore Chloe’s fashion background, experiences and her visions with her eponymous brand; then taking a real deep-dive into tackling some of the conflicting struggles as a sustainable fashion designer within the crazy world of consumerism; and discussing whether sustainable fashion can be more accessible, in availability and pricing.

Thought-provoking and insightful, we hope this conversation will bring you inspiration and empowerment, to further the conversation of sustainability within your own circles!

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Time-stamps and key thoughts/ ideas bought up in this episode:

5:30 – Should the fashion industry adopt a season-less production cycle?

10:10 – Are consumers buying less fashion items due to COVID-19?

- “Comfort has become the main priority during lockdown, and of course none of us have been to clubs or bars and stuff… and that’s where people would predominately get their new things for… but there’s a part of me that’s concerned when we all get set free [laughs].” – Chloe.

11:25 – The conflicting values of fashion sustainability and consumption.

- “There’s a real conflict between the two things that I do, in the sense where I want the fashion industry to be sustainable and ethically conscious, and then on the other hand, I want to sell my pieces, so there’s definitely an interesting relationship between sustainable practice and consumption.” – Chloe.

16:40 – Let’s normalise gifting second-hand presents!

- “We need to normalise buying gifts from second-hand shops… honestly I really really enjoyed it because it made me feel really organised, because I had to buy things in advance and it’s actually so fun looking at all the independent shops, and everyone’s gift was unique.”

28:10 – Being stocked at Selfridges as part of their sustainability initiative called: “Bright New Things.”

35:20 – Is sustainable fashion easily accessible, or is it a privilege?

40:00 – How Chloe is increasing her brand’s accessibility, through her new T-Shirt Project.

- The new collaboration foresees Chloe collaborating with fashion stylist Toyo (@toyomakesthings) to transform dead-stock t-shirts (supplied by @ethicalteecompany) into brand new pieces.

- The t-shirts have been hand-dyed with natural indigo dye, using specialised Shibori dying techniques.

45:00 – One man’s trash is another man’s gold: how Chloe transformed festival waste into absolutely dope fashion pieces, through her 2019 collection, “In tents: The after party.”

Be sure to tune in again next week for PART 2 of this incredible conversation!

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