Ep.13 Circular Fashion: What does ‘regenerative fashion’ mean? With Fortunale.

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Circular Fashion: What does ‘regenerative fashion’ mean?

This week, we’re sitting down with Melania Grandolfo, who is the Marketing Lead behind Italian eco-brand Fortunale. With ‘Fortunale’ meaning wind/storm, the brand’s mission is to be the pivotal wind that changes the course of fashion, creating the world’s best natural wool sweaters.

Made entirely from pure Italian natural wool, and then dyed with natural pigments, Fortunale’s sweaters are free of chemical additives and is 100% natural. (A better way to take care of nature and our skins!) The brand also works with its local artisans, supporting and nurturing homegrown talent. As part of its circularity initiatives, the brand is currently offering a take-back scheme until the 15th December 2020, where Fortunale will recycle any old wool sweaters in exchange for a discount on future purchases. Sounds great, right?

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Thoughts/ideas/quotes brought up in this episode:

Circular economy:

What does “regenerative” mean?

- “This key word is very important to us and it means that our sweaters and textiles can be recycled and have a second life. In our firm, everything must have a second life… Customers can send us their sweaters and we can recover the fibre, and produce another item with it,” – Melania.

- Extending a product’s lifespan: How can people care for their natural sweaters properly? “There’s no big things to do with our sweaters, you only have to wash it by hand, with cold water or use a gentle program in the washing machine,” - Melania.

Environmental aspects:

Details that make a difference: One sweater = One tree planted.

- “For every sweater sold we plant a tree, and every tree has its own ID number which can be embroidered on the back of your sweater. So, every person can have his own tree, and a unique sweater,” - Melania.

Ethical and Social aspects:

- Fortunale chooses to plant their trees in the South of Italy, aiming to also fight and protect this land: “Sustainability is not only environmental. We know that in Italy, the situation about Mafia, especially in the south of Italy, is not easy. So, we have to fight for this, through a social and ethical aspect.”

Melania’s one piece of sustainability advice:

“Sometimes we are sceptical about the price…but I think if we were to think about it like how we think about food; we pay for quality. We also have to give value to the work of everybody, so before you judge something, why not try it first?” - Melania.

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