Ep 5. Do men care about sustainable fashion? With the Eco-Stylist.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

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This week, we’re sitting down with Garik Himebaugh, founder and Chief Stylist behind the Eco-Stylist, which is an online marketplace for ethical and sustainable menswear clothing. Founded in 2018 to answer one simple question: “can sustainable be dapper?” – The Eco-Stylist helps men (or women who are shopping for men!) discover great clothing that represent their values.

Discussions we touched upon were:

- Has the topic of sustainability become too “feminine” of an issue for men to care about?

- What are the male shopping behaviours and habits for sustainable fashion?

- How the Eco-Stylist conducts their branding research to increase brand-to-consumer transparency within the marketplace?

- How the Eco-stylist curate ideas and display digestible infographics to create an easy and seamless shopping experience?

About the guest:

Garik holds a degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University and an MBA from the University of Iowa. After coming across Adelante Shoe Company at a flea market in Boston, Garik became inspired by the brand’s ethical values and wondered why clothes weren’t also made this way. With that in mind, the Eco-Stylist was born as an answer for confused shoppers who want to find conscious clothing that were made with both the people and planet in mind. The Eco-Stylist thoroughly researches brands for you, using Remake’s sustainability brand criteria, to recommend great brands you can shop at, to help you make more conscious shopping decisions.

Contact links:

Website: click here. // Instagram: click here.

Thoughts/ideas/ references mentioned in this episode:

Male consumer behaviour and shopping habits:

- Short attention span, definitely not a lot of patience and not wanting to spend time looking for something… but I think most of it stems from a lack in confidence in shopping…we find a lot of our customers don’t feel skilled so they don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it.” – Garik.

The sigma of sustainability as being too “feminine”:

- NPR Podcast: Entitled "Man up: How a fear of appearing feminine restricts men, and affects us all."

- Study carried out by Timberland: behavioural shopping habits between men and women when buying conscious clothing. 

Brand transparency:

- Documentary: River Blue

- Resource: Remake: Short films

- Communicating easy and digestible information to consumers: “We also help customers shop by their values with our badges which signify which products are made in an eco-friendly way, ethical and fair for people and which are vegan.”

- “Our criteria is incredibly complicated if you haven’t seen it before… But if you could see a snapshot of a brand’s score and why they passed, then that would be a lot more digestible and more friendly information, so we’ll be launching that very soon and I think that’ll help consumers a lot to know why this brand is sustainable and what they’re doing is great.”

How the Eco-Stylist helps men find their personal style:

- “Our clients don’t exactly know what their ideal vision looks like, but they do know what they do and don’t like, right, so they have personal preferences obviously... so we help them craft that vision of what their ideal style looks like and then give them a roadmap to get there essentially, with our styling services.”

- “Our curated shop where we hand select items and the idea there being to not spend a long time browsing.”

- “We also have a lot of guides and blog content for example: ‘5 shoes to wear and how to wear them’….so that can be helpful as well.”