Ep2. Building a sustainable & COVID-resistant brand as an independent designer, with Rockett Fashion

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Introducing our second guest: Eleanor Rockett, founder of Rockett Fashion, which is a London based consultancy service with a mission to help independent designers launch, build, and manage their fashion brands ethically and sustainably. We’ll be turning the tables to explore sustainability through a business perspective, and enlighten you from the recent covid-media of fashion doom & gloom. Eleanor will be sharing her views on:

- the possible opportunities that she sees in a post-covid world

- how independents can adapt to this new climate

- and the different innovative business models that independent designers can adopt to stay covid-resistant.

About the guest:

Eleanor holds both a first-class law degree and an MA in Design Management from UAL’s London College of Fashion. Prior to launching her eponymous consultation service, Eleanor worked for several independent, responsible fashion designers. Alongside established creatives at the forefront of sustainable progress, she assisted with business management, strategy and operations.

After graduating LCF, she became the Studio Manager for a multi-brand concept store, where she worked with over 50 established, independent labels. At 23, she was made COO of fashion-tech company XYZ EXCHANGE, a leading block-chain and fashion supply-chain venture. She is widely regarded within the sustainable fashion community for her technical grounding and innovative solutions. 



Thoughts/ideas/ references mentioned in this episode:

Independent fashion brands:

- “My focus has always been on independent designers, and figuring out how we can protect these amazing creatives who are at the core of the fashion industry - their creativity is top, that’s why they’re copied so much!” – Eleanor.

Slow-fashion & the idea of value:

- “I really hope we move back to a very traditional slow-fashion system where we actually wait for our clothes to be made… because you can make sure it fits you perfectly because you can send in your measurements, and for the price of, say, two Topshop dresses, you’re gonna get one that fits you perfectly made out of beautiful fabric, and handmade in the UK.” - Eleanor.

- Birdsong’s Slow Shopping Guide.

- Jerry Lorenzo’s quote in a BOF article.

- “Fashion could definitely move towards a more music-industry based business model, whereby people release things when they feel like releasing it… people don’t need to release an album, they can release a single, so people don’t need to release a collection, they can release a capsule or just 2 pieces, and then add onto that depending on which one sells better.” - Eleanor.

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